Market Trends

Quick market trends outlooks below taken from various factors that have impacts on freight. 

Here are factors that cause the price of freight movement to move higher or lower. 

Truck Tonnage:  Typically, the more tonnage the higher the rates to secure trucks

Rail Freight Carloads: Typically, the more carloads the higher the rates to secure rail cars

US Diesel Sales Price: Typically, the higher the costs of diesel the higher the cost to secure any capacity to move freight. 

According to a FreightWaves article concerning trucking company failures, "Why Truck Failures Could Increase in 2019", there are three leading drivers to why carriers go out of business, which are: 

1. Spot Rates going significantly lower

2. Contract Rates going significantly lower

3. Fuel Costs rising significantly based on percentages, specifically the year over year percent change of diesel prices.  

The Leading Macro causes are: 

  1. Recessions

  2. Falling contract and spot prices

  3. Rising diesel prices

  4. Expensive, rising and unaffordable insurance costs

  5. High labor and maintenance costs

  6. Unionized labor forces

  7. Onerous contracts with large shippers (e.g. Amazon)