Customer Controlled Capacity



Costs.  As the market fluctuates on a daily and sometimes hourly basis, you can rest assured that you have a fixed cost that has already been taken into consideration by your sales and purchasing departments.  As you utilize our Customer Controlled Capacity you can avoid costs such as labor to load late trucks, late delivery penalties, damage and cargo claims, and missing paperwork.   


Service.  Would your customers receive better service with the same trained and informed drivers everyday?  Use your Customer Controlled Capacity to manage runs that are not appealing to OTR companies such as multi-stop, driver assist, intra-city, regional, etc. 


Safety.  We are averaging less than 1 claim per 1000 shipments.  Utilize your Customer Controlled Capacity to get your goods to market in a safe, secure, and timely manner. 


Flexible Capacity.  Use our resources to manage your freight when you need to.  You can increase or decrease your fleet size instantly, no long term contracts.  Use your Customer Controlled Capacity to fight your peak season issues or grow your fleet as your business grows. 


Control.  Stop letting the market, capacity, and the economy's volatility determine your fate.  Use your Customer Controlled Capacity to rest assured that your customers will be taken care of no matter what the market has in store.  You can control the freight, the lanes, the routes to take, and when to take them. 


Tracking & Reporting. GPS smart phone tracking in real time, customer schedules and portal,  and additional reporting tools to paint a picture of your supply chain and costs. 


Hazmat. We have drivers that are Hazmat approved and certified.


Contact our management team at to see if this is the right solution for you.  


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