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Mainly truckload carriers answered these questions, which provide some insight into the overall economy.  These answers are from people who are purchasing equipment and insurance at higher prices over the last few years and employing people throughout the country....

According to a FreightWaves article concerning trucking company failures, "Why Truck Failures Could Increase in 2019", there are three leading drivers to why carriers go out of business, which are: 

1. Spot Rates going significantly lower (rates near bottom levels...

From Larry Kudlow on CNBC this morning "130k is a solid number" referring to the jobs report. Kudlow touted the household survey of employment, which is up 590k over the last 30 days, meaning that many more people went back to work. 3.2% wage growth year to date and 3....

Quick market trends outlooks below taken from various factors that have impacts on freight. 

Here are factors that cause the price of freight movement to move higher or lower. 

Truck Tonnage:  Typically, the more tonnage the higher the rates to secure trucks

Rail Freig...

Artisan Logistics is a brand that we hope represents excellence.  We hope to meet and exceed your expectations in a fast and safe manner.  We are competitive, persistent, unrelenting, and redundant.  I have a strong belief that no matter how it ended up in your lap, ha...

For some reason, freight is very emotional.  It's raw and emotional and it has several variables that can cause failures.

Freight costs are now seen on CNBC stock shows, they are being talked about in board rooms, they are being discussed in quarterly conference calls w...

We have discussions with and listen to presentations from companies that make a living doing research.  These folks gather this intelligence from public and private companies, compile it all, and display market predictions.

We have had a long relationship with...

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February 12, 2019

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