Building a Winning Team

29 Nov 2011

Doug Wilkes

As football season approaches I reflect on time spent playing football and rugby. In football we were always in the chase for State. My first year of rugby at The Citadel we didn't win a game....the last two years we won the South and finished 2nd in the nation my senior year. I recall the quest for excellence and the preparation required. Every coach wants his team to be successful, not for the coach but for the players. You want to give your players the best chance the win. Now, while running sprints after two-a-days in full gear in the South Carolina could really give a damn about your coach and his "quest".

But, the training made us better, made us stronger, and unified the team to reach for one common goal: excellence. Vince Lombardi, the legendary football coach, said it best "Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence".

In the last year we have made many changes at Artisan Logistics in our chase for perfection. Outlined below are the highlights. These measures were taken to increase performance and customer satisfaction.

1) New Office in Columbia, SC - A centrally located office in the capitol of South Carolina has allowed us to increase the "talent pool" and attract new employees to the Artisan.

2) Single Point of Contact Account Managers - Our customer surveys indicate this is how they want to be served, so we obliged. Our Account Mangers' compensation is directly affected by the level of service they provide. This is a major incentive for our company's representatives to work harder to ensure repeat business.

3) 24 Hour Call Center - We have invested in a local company to manage our after hours calls. In the case of an emergency, the call center will directly connect with the Artisan's on call employee or the agent. All other calls are filtered through a distribution list to the appropriate party.

4) SOP's for Every Customer - Every customer at Artisan Logistics has a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) list. Be it directions, loading instructions, cargo securment procedures, or the requirment to wear a hard hat we want to leave nothing to chance.

5) Information Flow - Customers have been provided distribution emails to reach their account manager and the management team all at once. Then we follow a list of procedures that have proven to cover your freight it a timely manner. From the initial load tender to our check call service, you will never be out of the loop about your freight.

There are many more internal procedures that have been added, but I don't want to bore you. The point is, through great relationships with our customers and the constant pursuit of excellence Artisan Logistics has grown into one of the largest Landstar representatives in the country. We thank you for your continued support, because without our customers this would not be possible.

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