How to Spot a Reincarnated Carrier

Tami Hart, 11 Nov 2013 10:49 PM

“Reincarnated” or “chameleon” carriers are nothing new. These are carriers who have been shut down by the FMCSA only to open up later as a new business. They’ll have a new business name and MC number, but often retain the same drivers and equipment that had been cited for safety violations or involved in a crime. And while the name is new, the phone number, fax and address are often the same as the old business.

As of Oct. 1, when the MAP-21 Highway Bill took effect, it is now illegal to close down a failed trucking operation and then start over with a new MC number. DOT can revoke registration or authority of a reincarnated carrier or levy a fine. (See MAP-21, Section 32103, Reincarnated Carriers.)

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