Hey Shippers: You Have a Social Media Presence...LIKE IT or Not

For some reason, freight is very emotional. It's raw and emotional and it has several variables that can cause failures.

Freight costs are now seen on CNBC stock shows, they are being talked about in board rooms, they are being discussed in quarterly conference calls with stock holders.

Everyone from Coke, Tyson, to your local metal fabricator are experiencing huge increases in freight costs.

Let's review some ways you can keep your freight costs under control:

  • Dedicated drivers (if lanes or volumes permit)

  • Increased lead time (proven in white papers)

  • Shipping early in the week (proven in white papers)

  • Multiple pickup and delivery days

  • Large pickup and delivery windows during the day

  • Loading within 1 hour (more important than detention pay)

  • Dropped trailers can assist if you cannot load quickly

  • Less stops, or stops that can unload within an hour

  • Trying to establish consistant volumes and days

  • Making freight driver friendly is the key to getting consistant drivers

  • Overnight parking and available restrooms

  • Being upfront about delays, so drivers can take breaks or resets as required by law, so they can have fresh hours to take your freight

Here are some reviews from drivers of a few shippers. What would you do if this was your location?

Google Reviews:

"This place sucks. You are going to loose 4/5 hours, even if you are on time"

"these peoples are lazy and so confused, for all truck drivers don't waist the time"

Another warehouse location of a Fortune 100 company:

"worst place for delivery. take 8 hours to unload a trailer. don't. are about driver and his time. never take load for this place. your day is wasted"

"Disgusting restrooms. No accountability whatsoever. Anything to save a penny. Treat people poorly. It’s so bad I am unable to give an accurate description in writing."

Yard outside a major port:

"This place is a joke... I've waited already 4 hours in line for the machine to be washed while the wash guys bullcrap around with each other with the guy from the guardshack. I will never take a load from this location again... something needs to be done in the higher ups of management and fix this issue."

Your company has reviews on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, Tumbler, etc and in private Facebook groups and others that you will never see or be able to regulate.

Your company has a social media footprint that directly impacts who will load at your facility. If your social media footprint is negative, you are decreasing your available capacity and causing your rates to rise.

To increase capacity with respected companies that have tenured safe drivers, make the freight and location driver friendly.

I implore you to consider your operation and ask your staff the question: how can we make our location and our freight driver friendly?

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