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Quick market trends outlooks below taken from various factors that have impacts on freight.

Here are factors that cause the price of freight movement to move higher or lower.

Truck Tonnage: Typically, the more tonnage the higher the rates to secure trucks

Rail Freight Carloads: Typically, the more carloads the higher the rates to secure rail cars

US Diesel Sales Price: Typically, the higher the costs of diesel the higher the cost to secure any capacity to move freight.

CASS Truckload Linehaul Index®

After a 27-month run of year-over-year increases, truckload linehaul rates were flat (-0.0%) in July compared to the same time last year.

Additionally, they were down -4.3% from the all-time high established this past December. Lower volumes and added capacity are driving spot prices down, which is in turn dragging contract rates down. being the main drivers. Spot prices are low and dragging contract prices down.

Donald Broughton, analyst and commentator for the Cass indexes, predicts this month that the truckload index “will go negative next month and stay negative through the end of the year.”

The graph above shows the summer lull usually ends around this time of year. Rates stabilize and increase as we end Q3, we take a dip for two months and usually end strong in December due to Christmas and winter weather.

In the graph below you can see the line haul index is at 138.0 as of July, well above the February low of 131.3.

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