September 2019 Super Duper Accurate Market Survey

Mainly truckload carriers answered these questions, which provide some insight into the overall economy. These answers are from people who are purchasing equipment and insurance at higher prices over the last few years and employing people throughout the country.

73.6% optimistic about sales between now and the end of the year. ​

63.2% says this follows their normal seasonality.

55.3% optimistic about overall economy growth between now and the end of the year.

A couple of quotes from the survey:

"Worst I've seen it since 2008."

"I expect Line haul rates to creep up throughout the remainder of the year."

"Like many other companies, going out of business."

"Tough times when Large Carriers are given the opportunity to influence regulations that wind up driving them out of business. Real trucking is small business that works hard and moves more than 70% of our freight. 93% of registered US carriers own 5 or fewer trucks."

"It is going strong."

In comparison to the National Association for Business Economics recent survey, 86 out of 226 members think there will be a recession next year.

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